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Bullseye Publishing is a contemporary and innovative publishing house, located in The Netherlands.
Launched from a deep-seated passion for reading and writing.
Our publishing house is easily accessible and therefore accessible to almost everyone.
Whether you're a small edition to achieve in private, or a large national or international edition.
Bullseye Publishing possesses a team of experts for all you needs.

Nothing can keep you from publishing your own book!

This is how we work...

  • Bullseye Publishing reads your script, we will give you our personal feedback within 3 to 6 weeks;
  • Bullseye Publishing has a team of editors and translators, so we can assist you wherever desired.
  • Bullseye Publishing takes care of everything around producing your book. The formatting, design, print and press, a pre-sale phase, log on to Dutch and international authorities such as Libraries, administration and request ISBN registration, distribution, press releases, book launches, presentations, book signings, lectures and much more...
  • Bullseye Publishing features a large network artists and photographers, making you the most unique, appealing and appropriate cover.
  • Bullseye Publishing can register your book with the Dutch ´Centraal Boekhuis' and is thereby to order by all major booksellers
  • Bullseye Publishing makes your book available in the Bullseye webshop.
  • Bullseye Publishing ensures the correct amount of books, reducing waste and too much stock
    We do this for Printing on Demand (P.O.D.) or press.
    We care a great deal about our environment, in everything we do.
  • Bullseye Publishing takes care of your first promotion round, and sends various press releases to regional and national or international media.
  • Bullseye Publishing gives you a high % royalties, to reward you for your (years of) hard work.
  • Bullseye Publishing waive copyright, these are at all times with the author.
    Bullseye Publishing has only publishing rights and creative rights on formatting and design, made by Bullseye.

    Please, feel free to contact us:   info@bullseyepublishing or by phone 0031 495 769 055.

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  • Silje Haarr - De Tiende Muze (DUTCH)
    Silje Haarr - De Tiende Muze (DUTCH)
    € 19,75
  • Insightcards
    € 9,95
  • In beeld, Weert Paardenstad
    In beeld, Weert Paardenstad
    € 24,95
  • Monthcalender 2014 by Mies Grijmans
    Monthcalender 2014 by Mies Grijmans
  • Yogiman / Orang Malu
    Yogiman / Orang Malu
    € 3,50
  • Incense Sticks - Good Health
    Incense Sticks - Good Health
    € 2,00


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